Moving Mums



Moving Mums is a safe and efficient program designed for women who have given birth and are seeking guidance and support for their return to exercise. Program designed and delivered by Physiotherapist Emma Jackson for Advanz Therapies.

Pre-Assessment – 10 minute phone call discussing current condition, return to exercise program and answering any questions
Initial Assessment

Assessment of […]

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SRC Pregnancy or Recovery Shorts and Leggings

Are you pregnant or have you recently given birth? Or are you or your partner planning to fall pregnant one day!!?

Advanz Therapies stock a brand of compression shorts and leggings that are designed to help you remain comfortable whilst pregnant, and to assist and fast track your body’s recovery after the birth of your child […]

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Sitting: Australia’s Biggest Killer

Deaths in 2015:

o Sharks: 2 deaths
o Saltwater crocodile: 1 death
o Motor vehicle: 1209 deaths
o Comfy sofa and office chair: 7000+

We live in a society where most of us now sit for the majority of the day. We wake up, sit to eat breakfast, we sit on the way to work, sit at work, sit at […]

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Create Something: 0 to 1

I’d like to share a personal (and collective) success story with you. The recent development of an idea – where we saw a gap, took a risk, reached for the stars and are reaping the rewards.

The reward in this instance is satisfaction. Satisfaction that we are seeing so many personal success stories around us and […]

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Wellness Package

Give yourself the best chance of pain-free living, and achieve a sense of balance!

Our Wellness Package offers a bundle of services that will help you remove aches and pains, and provide a support for your personal wellness and exercise program. This package is perfect for someone looking to start a regular exercise program of any sort, […]

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Country lad living a city life. How I keep the balance.

I was born in Sydney’s St George hospital, and at the age of six my father, two brothers and a sister moved to little village Pottsville on the Far North coast NSW. Our school of 72 students was to take us through to our High School years. We moved the other side of Cabarita in […]

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Functional Movement Screening – and why prevention is always better than cure

How well do you move? 
And what’s your potential risk for injury?
The best way to treat an injury is to prevent it happening in the first place. With winter sports coming up and with the increase in exercise do you know if your body is at risk of injury?

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a reliable […]

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Tendon health in kids

Tendons are strong structures that attach our muscles to bones (e.g. Achilles tendon). Tendinopathy is a condition in which the tendon is overloaded, causing pain, structural damage and reduced exercise capacity.

The importance of impact-exercise for kids (running, jumping, hopping, skipping) on bone health (preventing osteoporosis) is now well understood, but more recently we are appreciating […]

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Strength training for children and adolescents

Why it is important to encourage young people to be physically active.

Not only does a sedentary lifestyle early in life appear to track into adulthood, a physically active lifestyle during childhood and adolescence may help to prevent many chronic diseases later in life. It has been recommended that children and adolescents be physically active on […]

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Mark Mitchell Reflects About The Past (and is excited about The Future)

In five short years how life can change, and a business grow.

I arrived in Sydney for my cousin’s wedding in the Summer of 2010, a visit from my home in sunny Burleigh Heads, South Gold Coast, unaware that this fateful trip would change, or re-direct my life. As often with stories of transformation there is […]

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