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Tendon health in kids

Tendons are strong structures that attach our muscles to bones (e.g. Achilles tendon). Tendinopathy is a condition in which the tendon is overloaded, causing pain, structural damage and reduced exercise capacity.

The importance of impact-exercise for kids (running, jumping, hopping, skipping) on bone health (preventing osteoporosis) is now well understood, but more recently we are appreciating […]

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Ankle sprains – why you need to be in a boot!

The sprained ankle is possibly the most common sporting injury and most of us have had

at least one in our time. As for most acute injuries we recommend the RICED regime in the initial 48-72 hours post injury.




R – rest

I – ice

C – Compression

E – elevation

D – diagnosis

But what is the most important of these?? […]

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Achilles Tendonopathy – What is it? How do we get rid of it and get back to exercise?


The role of the Achilles tendon is to store and release elastic energy in order to Plantarflex the foot. Plantarflexion is the “pushoff” movement of the foot and ankle in both walking and running. It achieves this through its connection to the calf muscle (gastrocneius and soleus). The Achilles tendon along […]

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