There is a range of stretches here to choose from depending on what you have been advised to perform for your body!
Remember to always move into stretches gradually and do not bounce at the end of the range.
The secret to stretching is to actively relax the muscle while you are stretching it or using a ball or roller to release it. Focus on breathing and not counting while stretching which encourages a hold of breath and prevents muscle relaxation.

For HAMSTRINGS – use exercises 6 & 7
For SPINAL MOBILITY – use exercises 3,4 & 5

1. Hip Flexor stretch

2. Gluteal Stretch

3. Back Extension Stretch

4. Bow and arrows (spine mobilisation)

5. Foam Roller release

6. Arabesque (hamstring stretch with pelvic/core control)

7. Good mornings (hamstring stretch – core strength)