These 13 exercises are a great stability progression for those who suffer hip/pelvic or lower spine pathology.

The easiest way to use these videos is to master exercises 1&2 and then choose from the other exercises below. Always include exercises from the lateral stability section. These exercises are in order of progression, so start at 10 and move down as you master the other exercises.

Chose 3 exercises from these each time when warming up in gym or at home as home exercise program.


1. Side lying clams

2. Bridges

3. Squats with Theraband

4. Monster Walks

5. Squats

8. Deadlifts

9. Squat Jumps

LATERAL HIP STABILITY EXERCISES: Make sure you have mastered exercises 1 & 2 prior to commencement of these standing exercises. Start at exercise 10 and progress to 15 as you are able to complete 3 sets of 10 repetitions successfully on each side. DON’T COMPROMISE ON QUALITY!!

10. Figure 4 Pelvic Stability

11. Figure 4 with Stability Ball

12. Theraband Toe Taps

13. Single leg squat with stick

14. Step ups

15. Lateral Jumps