This group of exercises for shoulder stability should be used by all people who have injured their shoulder or are trying to improve stability for those who have been diagnosed with hypermobility and are at dislocation risk.

For those recovering from injury including; Impingement, rotator cuff tear, “swimmers shoulder”and/or general weakness you should first master all external rotation exercises (exercises 1-4) and progress then to ball pushups (exercise 7) and then internal rotation strength (exercise 5-6).

For those who suffer hypermobility – move straight onto ball/wall pushups, ball rollouts and internal rotation exercises (exercises 5-9).

Keep a close eye on technique with these exercises and don’t forget the importance of core/abdominal connection with shoulder exercises at all times.
Master the exercise above before moving to the next exercise down the page.

1. External rotator cuff lying

2. External rotator cuff standing grade 1

3. External rotator cuff standing grade 2

4. Theraband rotator cuff grade 3

5. Theraband rotator cuff grade 3

6. Overhead Scapula Stability

7. Stability Ball Pushups

8. Stability Ball Roll Outs

9. Stability Ball Single Arm Roll Outs