Pilates classes, Eastern suburbs, Sydney

Advanz Pilates utilises both reformer (machine) method of teaching pilates and Mat classes. Both of these are conducted by trained pilates instructors and Physiotherapists. They focus on improving:

•  Pelvic and core strength,
•  Posture
•  Fitness
•  Body shape
•  Flexibility and
•  Rehabilitating injuries as required.

Pilates Classes are run either in group settings or can be individual (this is recommended for the first few sessions for newcomers to pilates). Check out the session times to join a group class, turn up to a mat class (no booking required) or ring/email to book your individual session or private group session.

MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR PRIVATE HEALTH!! All Pilates are claimable through your private health fund because we have only Physiotherapists running the sessions!

Check out our Pilates services:

•  Group Reformer classes – $48 per session or 10 pack for $425 – Book Now
•  Individual sessions (1 hour) – $140 / 1 Person – Book Now

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